Detroit Fintech Challenge Mentor Update

The Detroit Fintech Challenge is a fintech focused startup/entrepreneur competition happening on August 3 2019 in Detroit. Teams/startups will work together over the next 3 months to create fintech technology solutions.

Teams have until June 30th to apply, and we highly encourage everyone interested in participating (mentors, teams/startups, judges, partners and sponsors) to attend and participate on June 12th. Teams can come already formed, or they can network with other participants and form teams during the June 12th event.


Check out the AMAZING prizes provided by our partners:

  1. The top 3 winners will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley for a 1-week residency at Silicon Fintech Bay, where they will work with a team to develop and refine their concept, and then present to a group of Venture Capitalists.

  2. $15K in Cash Prizes provided by Techtown and William Davidson Foundation:

1st Place: $7,500

2nd Place: $5,000

3rd Place: $2,500

  1. 1 winner could be awarded up to a $50,000 equity investment from Kyyba Innovations. Companies are eligible, provided that they meet the criteria set forth by Kyyba Innovations, pass a due diligence process, and are a registered business entity.

  2. Varnum LLP will award MiSpringboard grants ($5,000 in legal services) to the 6 Finalists


We are searching for the next big fintech ideas! If you are a startup or entrepreneur with an idea relating to any of the below challenge categories we encourage you to come and participate!

You can come as an already formed team or create one over the next few months leading up to the challenge on August 3rd!

  • Cashless Payments & Micro Transactions

  • Blockchain

  • Wealth Tech

  • AI/ML and Data / Credit Analytics

  • Gamifcation

  • Fraud, Cyber Security and Biometrics

  • Credit Lending & Micro Loans

Sub challenges are also being provided by:



You can see more details about the challenge statements and prizes by visiting our website:

Please help spread the word with your networks and connect as many entrepreneurial / innovation folks as possible.


  • Developers

  • Designers web/mobile, digital designers

  • Coders

  • Programmers

  • Experts in financial, insurance or payment businesses

  • IT professionals

  • Bankers

  • Attorneys

  • Policy experts

  • Technology enthusiasts

  • Makers

  • Creative minds

  • Students in STEM fields

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