Advisor, Detroit FinTech Bay Advisory Board

Professor of Environmental Engineering, Finance and Entrepreneurship,

University of Michigan

Founding Partner, FinTech Collaboratory

Co-Founder, Equarius

Peter Adriaens


Peter Adriaens is an Advisor on the Detroit FinTech Bay Advisory Board.

Dr. Adriaens is Professor of Environmental Engineering, Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan, with appointments in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Business and the School for Environment and Sustainability. He directs the Center and Master of Engineering program in Smart Infrastructure Finance, focused on data platforms and efficient financing mechanisms for public and private infrastructure and asset management.  The Center is a cofounder of the University’s FinTech Collaboratory with the Ross School of Business FinTech Initiative and the Center on Finance, Law and Policy in the Ford School for Public Policy.

He was President of the Association of Environmental Science and Engineering Professors, is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineering, and of the Belgian Royal Academy of Applied Sciences and the Arts. Previously, he was Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Sichuan University (China) and at the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Helsinki, Finland) focused on investment and financing models for green economic transitioning.  He serves as investment advisor to the Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform under auspices of the Council of Great Lakes Governors.

His research and teaching focus on data-driven (digital) business and finance models for infrastructure, blockchain applications for smart cities, and water risk pricing in securities. He is co-founder of Equarius Risk Analytics, a financial technology firm focused on pricing and indexing water risk using waterBeta data platforms.




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